Ashlin Tipper began volunteering in mental health support with the non-profit organization Zero Ceiling Society. This experience confirmed her ideas that providing a listening ear can have a profound impact on someone’s life and fueled her enthusiasm for supporting others.

In 2013, Ashlin began a career working in social services as a Youth Worker for Sea to Sky Community Services Society and moved on to a five-year career at Whistler Community Services Society. This experience as a community-based Outreach Worker allowed Ashlin to provide social and emotional support to all ages and demographics. Support services offered included problem solving, promoting positive change, addressing mental health concerns and crisis management. Ashlin has experience with supporting people with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, family concerns, body image matters, substance misuse, financial problems, career challenges, self-acceptance difficulties, grief, illness, traumatic experiences and other emotional concerns interfering with overall functioning and one’s ability to be well.

Ashlin completed a mental health placement providing mental health support for clinical mental health disorders at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) the HOpe Centre.

She provided individual and group psychotherapy treatment as a part of the Mental Health Assessment and Treatment team for client’s experiencing:


Social anxiety
Personality disorders

Obsessive compulsive disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Panic disorders
Substance misuse

Interpersonal & relationship concerns
Traumatic experiences
Eating disorders
Suicidal ideation



  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health Sciences. Simon Fraser University. 2010.

  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Yorkville University. 2018.


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